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Not my ThugFrame.. this is my wizard. But thought I would share some flight footage with you guys. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to subscribe so I can check out your videos 🤘🤘 ...

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ve decided to thin down my collection of quads and parts. All prices are by PP as gift or add the 4% please

first up..

THuG Elite 5" £175 Inc Postage in the UK.

So, the bad bit...

It has a RF V2 Revolt fitted that just stopped working a few weeks ago, before that it was flying fine. Drone Bit should be able to arrange an exchange from RF or i have included a new SPRacing F3 (FOC) that will need installing. I cannot remember where i got this from and I'm not sure if it a clone or not, I'm not in the habit of buying clones but I'm not sure.

It has the following installed,
DYS F20 4in1 ESC
Gemfan RT2205 2300KV Motors
ThuG VTX, 25,200,600MW with pig tail.
Foxeer FPV Cam.

Matek mini power hub x3 £12.50 inc postage
Matek PDB XT60 x4 £12.50 inc postage
Various LEDS £5 inc delivery
Lemon Spectrum satellite RX, £12 for the de-cased one, £9.50 for the other, this one had a damaged aerial, these can be replaced.
AR6200 RX = + Satellite £17.50 inc postage
EMaxx RS2205s 2600KV with little bee 20amp esc's and PDB £45 inc postage. The bells have slight marks from a the tool i used to use for holding them whilst undoing the prop nut.Fatshark
Attitude V3's,very little use £180 inc Postage.
Cleanflight SPRacing EVO F3 with BF3.2.1 on, in full working order £17.50 posted.
Realacc VTX antennas £8 inc delivery.

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A little fly on the kids camp ....... and test the Rotor Riot hypetrain ......
hd version ====} youtu.be/uBZ9MpD8_I4

Un petit tours sur la base de loisire histoire de planer un peu ....... et de tester les Rotor Riot hypetrain ...... hd version ====} youtu.be/uBZ9MpD8_I4

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Thug HQ visit lovin the new straps they feel the strongest I’ve had so far now to decide wats going in the thug elite anyone that knows me will know it’s going green lol also thought to try a new F.C.
Cheers Stefan Mirfin allways a pleasure as usual 👊👊👊

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