Welcome to THuG FRAMES®


What a ride the last few years have been, Where do I start…..


Firstly Hello! Im Stefan Mirfin and Im the head honcho here at THuG®

Lets get you acquainted with how I got here…..


Well it was late 2012, And  I was busy building big rigs for cameraman in a small business I had built up via word of mouth … but at the same time making my own ….Toys ….Man toys!

I was mainly  into flying self built longish range fpv Quads in the 400-500 size as my hobby and was pretty unprepared for what was about to happen…

At this time there weren’t any commercial Miniquad frames for sale yet either,  So everyone was making their own from all sort of stuff. Components were like unicorn poo to get hold of…It was always a good few weeks for a build to get finished just awaiting parts . Propellors! …well… there weren’t any lol The early 5×3’s were from a twin engine small rc plane toy as they had cw and ccw ….bendy bendy crap -super hard to get…. times were hard 🙂

So I started the MINIQUADFPV group on facebook which was the very first miniquad specific user group on Facebook as I wasn’t a user of the forums that were out there at that time, We had about 10 members  in the very early days- I’m still  in contact with all of them 6 years later and they’re all still flying ( I think…) ,But this was the start of THuG I suppose as others were flying frames I had made.

Ive  put the early  designs on thingyverse for anyone to take and print, Modify, Laugh at 🙂

Little buddha 

Little buddha 2


I didn’t go much for hand cut frames or bits of wood zipped together so my designs were all 3d printed as at that time the 3d printers were all I had for getting some kind of design out .I was already printing loads of parts for my other quads due to being an early adopter of 3d printing so it was a logical progression –  To be fair though, They were s*%t! But never the less I kept on making them as I was hooked on what I was doing – Trying to make them better with  each iteration!

The 3D printing Filaments of the time weren’t up to much  in the strength department so after a few months of flying crashing and fixing I got fed up  and decided to build a CNC router and learn to machine as I needed to get some designs cut using g10 and carbon fibre. My first CNC   I outgrew pretty sharpish but it taught me lots of invaluable lessons so I quickly upgraded to a machine more suited to my needs . I used to make kitesurfing boards and gained a bit of know how about laminates which I quickly put to use when procuring the raw materials I needed .

Well after this point It all went a bit mad…. Miniquads got popular…..really popular!

I met tons of really cool people – and got so swamped with messages that I couldn’t keep up with them all…

I ended up in Television pilot episodes – Gadget show appearances – Newspapers – Magazines – interviews – All sorts of madness!

Its Way too much to bore you with here but its  6 years later and Im still making miniquad frames!

Id like to add though that my frames are super strong because of this longevity – and ongoing product development. THuG has the best carbon going and the deep knowledge of the material we have made means that the quads are second to none! I also fly what I make – Broken frames that end sessions is not wanted here!! Our carbon is legendary and made for the job!

THuGFRAMES a core brand and one of the longest running independent frame brands….

And why you ask….

Because of all my customers!! and their time served support !

I gotta say a BIG BIG BIG Thanks to all of you who support THUGFRAMES  and keep us alive …. Your why we keep going.

I do admit though that things have got tough over the last few years with the clone invasions and glut of cheap rubbish –
But for discerning customers who prefer the real deal and know what a real frame flys like!  – We are still here… sending out the strongest -best priced- best designed – top banana mini quads!

Also worth remembering is that here at THUG we design and manufacture in house ! Out of the myriad of frames and brands out there now, How many of them actually make their own product…. Not many ! if any….But if they do – spend your money with the core producers – they will be  like us – keeping it real rather than the ripoff cloners and the steal it attitude!

To the guys who just ship out their designs and wonder why they get copied in an instant …. How can you build the strongest and best if you have no control of process or knowledge of your material?

Answer ……. You can’t !  If you need help see below for other services.


But in summary here at THUGFRAMES® …… Real MINIQUADS are our business!

THuGFRAMES®  predate the race and freestyle split… We make Miniquads ! Use them as you want!


More THuG info…..

So for all new customers who don’t know…. When you order from us you join a small que…. It may take a couple of days for your frame to be cut – cleaned – deburred – test assembled – broken down, packed and shipped but effectively you’ve just had a frame built just for you… Its worth the wait of a few days for bespoke…. Theres also always a free gift inside all orders as I Love to take care of the customers who keep us going….. Always something of use as well  like props/straps etc – Not  sweets to rot your teeth out  lol ….


If you need any spares for older design please email sales@tentech-rc.co.uk  or join the THUG Facebook group and holler on there 🙂


We also have other services – please Email with your enquiries

Bespoke mini quad designs – Personal or Commercial

Prototype commissions

Custom cuts and CNC work

Batches of frames for clubs/freinds etc

Bespoke industrial Frames/large unusual frames

One off vehicles-Remote vehicles for TV/Stage/industrial uses

Product design/Digital design/3d Renders

3D design & Printing

Packaging/Sticker design and printing stickers

Custom t-shirts and apparel


Please feel free to enquire : sales@tentech-rc.co.uk