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Made from 1mm Toray carbon fibre this tiny (weighing in at 1.6g) frame brace tightens up the handling a treat.

It makes the whole quad loads stiffer without making it so stiff as to translate into snaps at crash time.

Ive tested the crap out of this and its taken everything ive thrown at it! Its super durable and tightens up any tune. ive checked a few peoples pids and this little brace has helped them all feel smoother and more responsive so im happy for all to have it now.

The brace fits without having to take off the motors unlike every other brace you see – Its also not just a square of carbon either – Ive tried to add things that others may have overlooked.

Its been designed to not only add stiffness but to compliment the frame and add extra protection -if your gaining 1.6g you may as well try to have as much benefit as possible – So what did I manage to add….Front and rear bumpers giving the front and rear a nice extra bounce bar – The Tucked side rails – By tucking in the side bars they give the motor connections protection from incoming objects , check the pics to see how the plugs are protected – The motor connection points allow the original motor screws to stay in place and the carbon brace is cut to fit right around them giving max support without getting in the way – removing a broken brace is super quick and easy – have you tried to fit the motors ,screws and a brace at the same time – its a proper ass … fitting this design is a breeze!

With one of these braces and covering the electronics in conformal coating you’ll have a pretty unstoppable Whoop….. Mines done a bucket of water ….Twice lol

it uses standard motor screws to fix to the frame (not supplied) and does not need to be affixed all the way through to the motors – in testing the brace has never come off even in the biggest of crashes. You can use longer screws and affix all the way through but its not needed as the frame seems to be plenty strong enough.


Will be shipped out taped to a square of cardboard in an envelope via normal postal services due to its size. We will use Royal mail postal service for the Brace deliveries.

Additional information

Weight 8 g
Dimensions 75 × 50 × 2 mm