LED whoop race gate kit


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Want gates ? Yeah we did also…..

So I designed up some gates that were durable, easy to make from stock components  (available on amazon etc) with a 3d printed base.

These are a blast to fly through and can extend your flying into the dark .

Ive made these kits to run from a 3s lipo as most of us have a few laying about – I gad tons from the early miniquad days so im up to about 20 gates so far and still making them.

The lipo also doubles as the weight to hold them down by slipping into the base but many other ways could be used – magnets -velcro – double sided tape etc

They can be mounted at any angle as can the hoop

There will also be other styles of gates appearing so don’t hesitate to check back to see the others as they get designed and listed.

Ive been super nice and the base file is up on thingiverse so if you have a printer you can make  your own real easy and cheap.All the instructions are there – its at this addy …




in this kit is

1 x Base    (printed in black)

1 x T fitting  (printed in black)

1 x 1m pvc pipe

1 x 1m RGB 12v LED flexible strip

1 x 30cm red/black silicon wire

1 x XT60 plus shrink tube



Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 360 × 260 × 30 mm