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You asked…..You got…… A V5X frame!

But I will say first that these arms fit all V5’s so no matter which one you have if you want to change to the X Armset you can.

Ive kept the whole V5 line modular in its approach so that all V5 owners get to benefit.

just see the listing in the spares section for X type arms.

Also theres a 4mm…yes 4mm custom baseplate available (see spares)  but this kit is the standard 2mm chassis  tough enough for everyone . Theres a pic of it at the end of the product images.

This has the same frame plate kit as the H style kit  but is supplied with  X Arms. They are just like the H as in two arms are incorporated in One but this time the arms buttress each other on

the centre line for immense strength.

There’s a milled Slot at the end of the arms for the concrete smashers out there as these should help with stopping delamination moving down the arms in extreme side on smashes .

The arms also have Zero cutouts for max strength…. They are 5g heavier than the H type arms but very strong and stiff.  235mm mtm 5″ prop

Up front the fpv camera holder is ready for the hs1177 style camera having a 30mm side to side space for the camera instead of the larger runcam style gap. The fpv kit we also stock fit this

with plenty of room to spare with nice protection for all components.

The rest of the frame has a nice amount of room for all the other components  while still being very compact.

Theres a nice array of zip tie clinch points etc for securing.

Its a very strong and stiff frame and sharing all of the v5 heritage, Another bronson of the quad world …….

Heres our friend Davefpv to show you…   🙂

The V5X is a superb quad for every level of pilot ,not just the pro’s


Included in the kit:

2 x V5X arms 4mm

1 x bottom chassis 2mm

2 x side plate front cam mounts 2mm PLUS NEW FPV CAM HOLDER

1 x top plate rear 2mm

1 x Top plate front 2mm

1 x PDB

1 x screwset including all hardware (colours may vary for standoffs).

100% 3k carbon and seriously strong!



Cameras/motors  etc  not included


Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 360 x 260 x 30 mm