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THUG SILVERBACK ANODISED GOLD 220MM – 5″ prop version 7075 ANODISED GOLD ALUMINIUM POD -3K CARBON -2MM CHASSIS PLATES – 4MM ARMS – 2MM REAR SHELF – 7075 XT60 HOLDER ANODISED GOLD STRECHED X 220MM  – MULTI ADJUSTABLE FULLY PROTECTED FPV CAM WITH CARBON CRADLE – This is THUG’s take on aluminium pods…..  and firstly I gotta says 7075 alloy is not 6061! 6061 is SOFT and its like machining cheese….its cheesy and its cheap cheese at that. Did I mention cheese  and how easy my cnc eats it 🙂  ……. onwards, As your probably aware or guessing , 7075 is not as easy to machine. This  pushes prices up which most producers/manufacturers don’t want to let eat into the profit margin, but me being me I’ve sucked up the cost to make a standout product while keeping the price in a place that I think is the right price for all of my customers. Im really proud of what I’ve achieved with this one and its the culmination of a lot of hard work. Even though I have sub contracted the work to make the pods out of house all of the prototypes were machined in house so that I got the feel for the material that I was working with. This was an invaluable lesson and has led to a really strong design that I don’t think would have happened if it had just been modelled in 3d CAD space. The finished articles are gorgeous and have taken my designs up another notch. It uses standard v2 pig arms (there superbly strong, well priced and ideal for the job)  so if you want bigger arms your covered and all the way up to a 7″ prop. The fpv cam cradle is really strong and will fit almost any fpv camera. It has the drillings for an hs1177 but can easily be drilled to accommodate other hole patterns. The fpv camera itself has the two sides providing lots of protection, inc the new go pro quality lenses. At the Rear of the frame is the carbon shelf plate. Its drilled/cut to fit our transmitters showing channels / access to changer button. It will fit lots of other vtx also and you will see from the pictures that you will find a place for your chosen equipment. I will add to this description as time go’s on and things I’ve forgotten come back to me but for the mo the “SILVERBACK” is ready for action!   Inc in the kit….   2 x 2mm chassis plates 3k carbon 4 x 4mm arms 1 x fpv cradle kit 3k carbon 1 x rear shelf 2mm 3k carbon 2 x aluminium side pods 7075 ANODISED GOLD 1 x aluminium xt60 holder 7075 ANODISED GOLD 2 x pdb (v1 and v2 thug pdb) standoffs and fixings

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 360 x 260 x 30 mm