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As you all know, I’ve made a few upswept (Dihedral) designs now as Im a big fan of the flying characteristics and general flow that they have over the traditional flat layout. I had some super epic sessions swooping around the sky with my B2 and other prototypes  but I’ve been searching for another way to achieve upsweep (dihedral). I have made a few frames in Hdpe now and after a eureka moment and a bit of research, I had a way to make it happen …. Excitedly I scurried off to machine some plastic and perhaps melt a bit ….With this frame though, from the first burnt finger I knew it would work. After messing a few up,  I got it….

When using carbon to make upswept  miniquads , time consuming methods would mean I  struggled to get the designs & methods into an acceptable price range for my customers.    Well check out the price on this frame… 39.99!! and a lifetime warranty*

Ive made it basic  but its also expandable – mod-able – a 3d printing printing heaven…. and its 39.99!

Not only is it the best priced HDPE frame out there its a THuG®

This price really makes this type of design open to everyone to try, Once you’ve tried upsweep there will always be one in the hanger!

Back to the quad….

The chassis is tough….. and I mean tough. the whole thing weighs 125g complete with fixings & toplate. I could have made it lighter but as usual I have gone for durability. Its 220mm mtm (at the top of the motor – prop centre )

Its also dead simple . Ive designed it to have enough room to get the 3d printers out there involved and making parts to house their favourite components . Im currently making a few 3d printed pods for it which the .stl files will be available to all free and Id encourage you to do the same. The pods  I  design will be able to house the accessories we sell in the shop (fpv kits etc) so theres plenty of room  for scope and further design. If you have any design your welcome to list them alongside my own for download.

catchup on the Facebook group to show of your work.

Its made from 12mm thick white/black/white HDPE with 37mm standoffs & 1.5mm carbon toplate . The top plate will hold an fpv camera with the bracket upside down so it hangs out front while having zip tie clinchs or a hole for and sma out the rear . It also has some strap holes should you want to get an hd cam on the top.

The test prototype is running a 6s 2306 2000kv setup and its taken it well so I see no issues using any power setup from 3s tame  up to 6s batshit style setups 🙂

Its also really easy to tune and get locked.

It will accept up to 23** size motors. run esc’s on the arms or use a 4 in 1 for a super neat setup.

includes standoffs and screws. main chassis and 1mm carbon top plate

FYI – All existing Squeeler and B2 pods fit






 Customers are welcome to have their own pod designs shared

* (NOTE- Original purchaser only-non transferable-BASEPLATE ONLY-Old part to be returned. Carbon parts are not covered by warranty-warranty runs up till next model iteration release – CUSTOMER COVERS POSTAGE COSTS)*

At the moment the frames are supplied  black/white/black






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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 360 x 260 x 30 mm