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I love the bullet proof v5 and I don’t want to change anything about it as its just an absolute beast of a miniquad. Its a true freestyle setup that has evolved over time and makes a great recipe , but hey I thought … You can have more than one recipe !

So I took Cues from the V5 , the Pig v2 , Supaflea plus an old friend …. had a design making – mind melding – giving carbon some love session – and whoopsiedoo out this popped from my grey matter …..

I think It really is the epitome of a what a Classic freestyle frame should be. Its  100% THuG® – All carbon and designed using proven and highly tested methods / materials that have kept THuG® fresh since the dawn of miniquads. This is your absolute classic freestyle layout with  the Gopro up front and the battery  tucked in  behind but mounted to the top late.  It has the proven V5X style arm but with H frame biased measurements and with a bit of Supaflea included they make for a supatough-supalite arm – A mini / micro style cam fitted up front with a 20mm deck height at the rear. – One piece full length side plates incorporating the front FPV camera mounts and go pro mount with plate at the rear but instead of being led’s it incorporates the antenna connector hole – 2 holes for a left or right mount  (based on  the pig v2) .  So whilst i was reminiscing I stuck an xt60 holder in for good luck ( just like the very first 180 microthug, the 4″ one that started the 4″ revolution ) and a Balance plug holder for the other side – No more floppy choppy for loose cables!  Both the 3d prints are reversible so if you want them the other way round to the pics its not a problem. Also if you don’t want them on at all you can cut the tags off the frame with a dremel, the choice is yours .  The whole frame is on 3 x 20mm standoffs and is perfectly rigid as you would expect . The arms are 4mm and all other chassis plates are 2mm and the carbon is second to none – its that simple and never scrimped upon…. Ever !  When deciding the design I wanted was a sub 100g weight and worked real hard to keep it lean but immensely strong.  Well 100g….  I smashed that …. she comes in at 89g! for the frame and fixings ……So happy days indeed !


In the bag….


2 x arms

1 x Baseplate

1 x Toplate

2 x Sideplate

1 x Rear antenna plate

1 x xt60 mount*

1 x 4s Balance plug mount*

1 x THuG® kevlar battery strap

Black knurled standoffs with m3 hardware – 4 x nylon screws for the FC. M2 hardware for the FPV camera

stickers…. Yes STICKERS 🙂

*3d parts will be printed in grey OR substituted colour should we run out of grey .

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 360 × 260 × 30 mm