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A new era is starting – Super light frames that can still take a beating but with full HD 1080/60 recording capabilities – Hats off to Runcam for the split – if its reliable and good they have a genuine “Game changer” on their hands and I’m not one for throwing that comment about lightly … The days I’ve dreamed of may be here… no more carrying bricks round the air to get some decent footage . With all the weight saved these new frames can be feather light… The 3″ Supaflea flys as fast as what I’d call your normal 5″and The 5″ is… well, I’ll let the vids do the talking on that one – As far as the argument about footage comparisons between the Gopro and Runcam , I know the Gopro is better quality footage but the run cam is 95% there so way good enough for what I want to see in my flight footage. I have no complaints about the little system at all.

 All the frames I’ve designed in the past have been able to carry Gopros or other action cams so they have been constructed to take the associated weight and durability needed to take the crashes. This one I could approach a bit differently though, electronics have got smaller, motors more powerful and the big fact that it doesn’t have to carry a Gopro has opened up lots of possibilities especially in the small frame categories.
So built around the Runcam Split, I present the “SUPAFLEA”

The 3″ version was made first, and with 1407 3700kv motors the thing ripped about like a normal 5″ quad which is awesome considering its got 3″ props! I then added 5″ arms and 2306 2750kv motors to the chassis to see what it went like… – its  fast.  Super super fast! Balanced and agile, an absolute hoot to fly. The 4″ is on the bench right now ….I’ll report back about that one.

Some design details-

1mm thick chassis plates

3mm thick arms

And its the legendary THUG® 3k twill matt finish carbon

Note* I designed this frame for the Runcam Split but I have fitted a myriad of fpv cams to it with no problems , Ive also made quite a few different 3d printable camera mounts/pods for it all from TPU flexible filament/Engineering nylon. In the kit I will include the split mount inc silicon dampers. If you want to swap it for the hs1177 mount please add to the comment section of the order .

Brand new Speedfit Arm design – The motor end is a standard no nonsense minimalist style found on many race type quads but on my design you don’t have to remove any frame screws to change out an arm anymore – All you need to do to change an arm is remove the motor and then loosen the outer screw on the chassis and the arm slides right out.  The second screw in (the fc stack screw) can also use a metal screw (inc in fittings) but I recommend using the supplied m3x20 plastic screw for the flight controller stack and you will find in most crashes that would normally snap the thinner type arms ,the plastic screw gives way and the centre keyway that locks the arms together has enough flex to let the arm rotate and therefore not break .  In testing its worked out really well – Its always the super simple designs that work the best – The arms key together in the middle of the quad for strength. See the pics and build vid for info.

The Anti jello camera pod for the frame took a while to get right but the finished mount is super simple and uses the battery mass to help eliminate jello in the footage. The pod itself is made from TPU flexible filament and the camera slots into the  perfectly shaped opening and gets an m2 screw in each side to hold it in. The standard angle is 35 degrees and there will be more angles available as I model them up but the 35 degree mark has been consistently a happy angle to fly freestyle with this frame. The openings at the top of the mount house 2 x silicon bobbins.  Used for dampening they slide down the stand offs therefore giving isolation and dampening to the pod. On the bottom of the pod though is an extended block that protrudes down through the bottom of the frame.This block is designed to press against the battery and use the battery as a mass dampener to combat jello in the footage. Halfway through designing this mount I was having trouble getting rid of the jello… I needed to get some mass dampening to the camera to help with the vibrations. The battery is the heaviest thing on the quad so by having contact between that and the camera the system gained some much needed mass dampening. Normal fpv cams I have found to not have any jello issues using any mounting method .

The top mounted Aero pod is available separately and includes a different carbon top plate – This again is designed for the split. The ones we are selling are printed in taulman 680 engineering nylon and can be dyed all sorts of colours. The part will also be available to download, check the downloads below. See pics for the pod

The middle chassis plate can be run in either direction. It can mount the split cam on its metal adjustable mount (included with Runcam kit) on the protruding part when in one direction or zip tie your xt60 cable down if used in the other.  The top plate has a part for ziptieing the vid antenna to.  A couple of slots for making you antenna ears with zipties and a few slots for passing ties etc through.
The lower chassis is super minimal  i.e No more needed..The chassis has 30.5×30.5 and 20×20 drillings

3″ arms have 12mmx12mm drillings
4″ and 5″ inch arms have 16-19mm drillings

Frame and part weights:-

3″ = 36g
4″ = 40g
5″ = 44g
* note – includes screws and standoffs in weight

5″ arm = 6g
4″ arm = 5g
3″ arm = 4g
top plate = 3g
mid plate = 4g
bottom plate = 3g / Pod bottom plate (2mm) 7g
hardware inc 4 x 30mm standoffs = 10g

hardware for aeropod = 8g

Camera mounts weights
Runcam Split TPU mount 35 degree inc silicon bobbins 10g
HS1177 35 degree mount 5g

Taulman 680 nylon small pod  11g

Taulman 680 nylon Large full cover aeropod 25g

A possible build would add up thus…

4 x 5″ 3mm arms =24g / bottom pod plate = 7g  / mid plate =4g  / Full Aeropod = 25g / hardware = 8g  // total build = 68g


Included in the kit

Plate kit -lower/upper/top

hardware kit – screws and standoffs

Arm kit (x 4 arms)

Runcam Split TPU mount 35 degree inc silicon bobbins (this can be exchanged for HS1177 mount, leave note when ordering)




Should you want to print your own here are 3d print files for download

HS1177 35 degree mount

top mount split cam aeropod

Runcam split anti jello mount



These should all be printed in TPU



If you need motors we have 2306 and 1407 motors in the shop

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 360 x 260 x 30 mm

3" ARM, 4" ARM, 5" ARM

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