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I had an Idea for a freestyle frame with features we are all used to and like lots – top mount batterys – HD camera mounts –  just like a v5 lowrider.  All in all a normal layout freestyle frame but with a twist – Ditch the second shelf of the frame and replace with a racing style aero pod and stretch it across the chassis – The chassis  had to be made from HDPE as I’ve discovered quite a love for the stuff – its just so mind bendingly tough. It does however  bring different design considerations to the table and I gotta admit getting this design to work how my head thinks it should work was quite hard. The pod has to take some extremely hard hits during crashes  and getting the material / design / fix method up to scratch was really hard as the baseplate is so strong and a large mismatch in strength can’t be tolerated in the design between the chassis and pod . To get the top pod even close in strength to the baseplate was a struggle. But after many materials and designs I had to modify my 3d printers (again lol) to print more exotic filaments , but in my travels I found a material that is perfect for the pod – Its Taulman 680 Nylon – Have a poke around on youtube and you’ll soon see how strong the stuff is.  Well happy days because I’ve never printed and broken as many parts as I have designing any other frames but one thing is right and thats the way I wanted the frame to be. Its a proper THuG® in all its glory!

I won’t waffle on too much about it as I’m sure the frame will do its own thing but heres some specs,

12.5mm  HDPE  lower chassis weight 97g – 240mm MTM -H layout but true X motor placements.

Taulman 680 Engineering nylon 3d Printed POD weight 33g

8* 6x10mm  alloy standoffs

8* m3x12mm

8* m3x6mm

fits Hs1177  and Runcam/Foxeer type cameras

POD – See pictures – Rear battery straps encompass the whole chassis/pod (Our new kevlar straps fit great – available soon) Front slots for Hd camera hold down.


The pod is printed with no entry points for a Usb cable for your flight controller – Ive made it this way as the print comes out stronger when printed with no holes in it. If you need a cable entry its easier to make a slot with a hot soldering iron (vid will link here to the process)  than try to make lots of versions with differently placed holes for the hundreds of flight controller variants out there. If you can change pids via rx you won’t even need a hole or slot for access so you’ll love the clean look. Its also the same up front for the Fpv cam to  – If you need an extra screw hole for a camera you can heat a screw on the end of a screwdriver and screw through the pod easily  . The pods can also be dyed using “Rit dye” and there is a whole variety of colours available cheap on amazon and eBay  . At THuG® I still sell RC Model kits not pre built pop outs  and encourage you to make it your own ! I do my best to make it universally buildable by all with the majority of components out there.

Im sure I will be adding to this description as I always forget something but…..


The Pods are all supplied printed in natural colour nylon

Baseplates are either  full black or Black/White/Black sandwich  and Please add your baseplate colour to the Notes section during ordering.

Baseplate is warranty’d  – Spare pods will be available in the shop.

There will be other pods available once the initial rush is off and I get a bit of time on my side.

I will also add more pictures in  and updates so stay peeled.

Why I chose this material for the Pods 🙂

POD BASHING! Watch here!



Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 360 x 360 x 50 mm