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The Foofighter…Super fast…Super agile…Tons of pop… great flight times… Absolutely loads of build combos available.I made this solely for all the new whoop electronics available, And theres tons of them which makes for tons of options!
For example during development Ive fitted beta75x/SpedixRex80/Mobula7/beta85hd internals. Ive yet to fly the Rex80 and 85x versions as I only just finished thembut the ability to run 4 blade steep pitch props will be interesting on the 85x setup and 3 and 4s? on the Spedix should be crazy fun. Back to the frame though and motor to motor is 120mm which means it will accept just over 3″ props! Which gives lots of prop options. Ive tried 4 different props so far and they all had way different flight characteristics which im going to cover in a video as I have some very promising looking new props on the way from several manufacturers which should open up this new world of high amp micro setups full performance. Its got 3 and 4 hole motor mounts, Standard whoop drillings (slotted for wiggle room for all the fc’s) plus 20x20mm for the Spedix type boards and towers. Fully cut with the grain to retain max strength – Main chassis weighs in at 6.8g in 2mm Toray 3k twill.The 3d printed top pod is nice and strong and I print at higher temps to make even stronger. The base weighs 1.9g and the top weighs 2.4g. So the whole pod is 4.3g which gives a frame and pod total of 10.1g .

Update: Ive now increased the arm length added 16×16 drillings – description above has been altered to suit as 3″ props is just too much fun not to use – 3″ windancer props with beta 85x internals on 3s is just plain silly fast as seen here…

All the 3d files are here:

2s batt tpu holder
Betafpv Z02 TPU Camera holder

3D file links will be added to the list as they grow.

included in the kit .

1 x Carbon chassis
1 x THUGWHOOP 3d printed pod
1 x set(4) Thugwire motor extenders – THUGWIRES – Machined racewire extenders
1 x screw set
1 x tpu 2s lipo holder landing pad (various colour tpu supplied) see pics.

All you need is a donor whoop and your good to go …. Nothing else should be needed for you to convert …. Apart from Props 🙂

I have to print parts for these so there may be a small 2-3 day delay while the frame gets processed. As I make them they are always in stock:)

Grab one of these for yourself …. you Wont be disappointed with performance like this!

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 360 × 260 × 30 mm