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When I first designed the original Pig I never realised how popular the frame would be…

I even named it “PIG” as it wasn’t a looker ….. It was “PIG” ugly

But it did have few good qualitys……It flew like a champ, it was hard as nails, blah blah blah… But unlike the glut of poor frames available nowadays the PIG has nothing to prove… and here comes a newer version!

So a year has passed and a whole load of stuff has come and gone and I got to thinking …. How can i make it better?

Well after a whole load of Coffee , drawings, protos and photos then some more Coffee I think I’m where i wanted to be….

A V2 Pig is born ….A PIG on Steroids thats ready for the next onslaught of punishment by some of the best and worse pilots out there ,Whoever they are…


This time round though Its got quite a few upgrades and all of the 3 options for sale are modular, So if you order say,  a classic style Pig

(shelf style) and after a while you get a new action camera, You can buy the conversion kit to make it into the model (session ,go pro etc) you now require.


So I mentioned the 3 variants, and they are

  1. Session/runcam version , most skinny small cams will fit
  2. Hero black / Xaiomi version, the rectangular type original action cam shape that many have copied
  3. Classic (multi shelf ) version, Just like the original

Pretty self explanatory but check out the pics to see the variants. (tons more pics to follow)

Back to the design….I’ve updated the areas of the quad I thought were lacking, so first up was the fpv cam hold system. I wanted to make a system that used the 31.5mm gap I run on all my models so that after designing it for the pig v2 I can roll it back across the other models so they all can benefit from it. The design I settled upon is a super strong 8 point hold system designed around the  hugely popular HS1177 camera (we stock them in our shop) . The new adjuster system ensures a super tight lockdown with a 0-5o degree range of adjustment, More angle can be achieved if the top screw/nut of the three is removed but 50 degrees of movement seems ample .Its all 2mm Thick carbon with m2 fixings and It locks down TIGHT!  Winner Winner chicken dinner 🙂

Theres an Inbuilt Action cam mount with strap holder (All strap holes are properly sized to take the extra thick velcro straps we sell in  the shop) and Its a 30 degree angle. The side plates which the HD camera sits on are 30mm apart so if your camera is that wide or wider it will fit. Both topplate openings are slightly wider as to accommodate silicon skins and the like. The top plates give a little extra protection and a place for the camera to nest with the added fact that the profile of the quad is now lower which is awesome for handling of the quad.


Theres now finally a plate at the rear to mount LED’s…. I’ve made it to take the small ring or squares made of RGB leds. A selection is on the way to us so watch the site for them when they arrive. Even if you don’t want leds its got the PIG logo on it which you can pimp with a bit of colour and the rear antenna clinch is incorporated into the LED plate , So essentially the Sma connector fits through with zero interference to the plate. The LED plate has a few drillings for attaching things both sides and theres room in the rear for a vtx or rx etc .

The frames lines have all been tweaked to get the most strength out of the design that I can, The arms have been beefed in all the places they needed and are super quick to change as all the bolts are easily accessible , I also  integrated anti delamination slots added for the carpark bashers and all angles have been smoothed to gain strength anywhere I could. Ive really tried to get the little details sorted to take it to the next level. So that consequently,  Little things like a broken velcro strap can be fitted or fixed in seconds  and not minutes. Ultimately The Pig has gone all premium but has stayed true to the originals strengths  …… And as the saying go’s ….. Its all in the details and the new THUGPIG is brimming with them .

Weight wise the frame in 5″ variant in session setup is 121g, With classic setup its 127g, With Black/Xaiomi is 126g. Just remember that there is different size arms available so weights can change depending what ones you choose.

Oh yeah…. thats a good point that I’ve just remembered .



So Here it is , Ive made it and its ready for all you FPV pilots…. I hope you enjoy them and that they give you hours of endless flow….



Build Manual

contents of kit;

3k Carbon frame plate set

standoff and fixings m3 (frame) and m2 (camera fixings)

V1.2 pub and red standoff kit


camera and all accessories in pics are not included and are for illustration only .






Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 360 x 260 x 30 mm



4" ARM, 5" ARM, 6" ARM